Finely decorated porcelain Tableware

Tableware become elegance and prestige thanks to fine porcelain.
From the dinner service to the painted plates for a birthday gift, porcelain is invited to your table. 
Tea or coffee cups associate or differ according to your mood. The shapes chose from our trade partners have been acclaimed by big French luxury brands. Our elegant breakfast cups, modern and unique, transform your mornings. Classical or modern atmospheres in coffee service, tableware, brought out by gold plating and coloured relief. 
All our models can be found in our Shop.
You can discover a step by step creation of a tea cup on the Atelier Porcelain blog, which will show you how we construct our designs. This model is a classic design of small roses enhanced with gold plating.  
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Article extract: ‘’Today, I will start this new model project that will go on for several days, to make you discover the creation of a design on a porcelain cup…”

tase café porcelaine roses et or
porcelaine fine de Limoges les grands mugs

Customised shapes and sizes

Tableware is one of the most intimate type of decoration that we enjoy harmonizing to out interior, to a specific atmosphere or event. Christmas table, romantic breakfast, dinner with friends, personal style… there are many occasions to put efforts in and render unique and unforgettable some experiences. Offering creations from the ATELIER PORCELAINE is choosing exceptional presents, unique pieces and completely hand painted designs. 
We are at your attention to create the designs you wish and the tableside atmosphere you like… 


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