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Customised designs

Initials, a date, a dedication, and these objects take a new dimension for those who receive them. 
To make these magical and unique moments timeless and precious events. Things to offer with love.  
Our Limoges porcelain heart-shaped boxes enveloped in fabric. Elegance and refinement to declare your love and offer a ring. Unique and original object to give to your close ones. Discover our gifts in our Online shop.  
You wish to offer a present to your guests on the occasion of your wedding ceremony. We can create, according to your wish and following the theme and colours of your wedding. We personalize porcelain pieces to make them a unique and unforgettable souvenir. 
Small pin trays, name holders, pill boxes… Let your desires express themselves  

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Porcelain is part of the "Métiers d'art de France ". An art that requires specific know how, precise techniques and rules that must be followed to make our designs into exceptional pieces. 
These techniques I acquired during my childhood, in my grandmother's workshop. This training was classical to begin with, on Limoges Porcelain, that I later enriched with training courses to discover more aspects of porcelain painting.  
Lessons are given to beginners or advanced artists. Everyone discovers the techniques at their own rhythm and according to their wishes, classical or modern.
Make Progress with regular 3-hour lessons. 

Monday and Friday : 02:30 PM – 05:30 PM 
Monday evening : 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM 

If you need more information regarding our lessons or training courses, please contact us. We will give you all the appropriate information. 
We currently offer an introductory lesson for 30 euros 

MUGS " Toutes à l'école"

‘’Toutes à l’école’’, the association created by Tian Kieffer, develops a high level education for young girls from developing countries, in order for them to become free woman and educated mothers. 
A child grows up through the transmission of values, culture and habits. Providing access to knowledge and to world of work to these young girls will allow them to open up to a new way of life and of thinking. Thus, they will gradually transmit these values to their children and will be free of the constraint of inequality with men. 
Thanks to you, we have painted 400 ‘’Mugs Farandole” “Toutes à l’école” for the association.  

Receive yours

The Atelier Porcelaine supports the goal of the Happy Chandara school and contributes to the training of young girls to decision making positions. As a treat for yourself or to give, they are the ideal gift for a charming attention that is interconnected with sharing and caring.


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