Here are some answers to the most frequent questions we are asked.

If you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact us via our form.

Origin of our parts

The vast majority of our parts are made in France in Limoges.

We mainly work with small-sized factories in order to be able to offer you reworked shapes, even exclusively.

On certain forms that we cannot find on site, we can supply ourselves abroad. but it will always stipulate the origin of our porcelains.

Our decors

Our decorations are unique registered models, each piece is entirely painted freehand.

The series of parts will thus always be similar but never completely identical.

We realize to order your patterns posed by Chromos, these pieces will never be signed and painted by hand.

The Chromos are only used in the Workshop upon express request from the customer.

Completion time

Our workshop produces the parts almost as and when we offer personalized parts, it is impossible for us to have too much stock in advance.

This is why we ask for a lead time which may vary according to our schedule and the number of pieces requested.

You will always be informed of our deadlines and the follow-up of our achievements.

Porcelain in the dishwasher

Today the products are less harmful than before, our porcelains can be put in the dishwasher, if you use a suitable program.

Parts with gold or platinum decors may see their decoration (gold / platinum) deteriorate after about 200 times in the dishwasher with the appropriate program; We can also restore your porcelain whose threads are damaged.

It is especially important to pay attention to the positioning of the plates or cups and mugs, especially so that the handles do not collide.

Some decorations do not support the dishwasher because more fragile, we stipulate in our description sheets.

Do not use scraping material which could scratch the enamel.

For our decorations containing precious metals such as gold or platinum, the use of the microwave oven is prohibited.

Custom or Personalized Orders

The strength of the craftsman is to be able to meet your particular desires.

We can make pieces for you individually or in limited series depending on the patterns you have chosen

You want porcelain matching your interior or intended for a particular use we remain at your disposal

Restoration and repair of your parts

The repair of a porcelain is done without final firing, the piece will therefore ultimately only be a decorative piece.

Even the plates and other objects of the table can no longer be used for food use.

At the Atelier, although we have mastered the technique, we do not do any restoration.

Restocking of your table services

We do not make copies of any service that already exists and for which we do not own the license or copyright in the models.

It will nevertheless be possible for us to offer you our services in order to make dishes, plates or any other shape that could blend perfectly with existing objects.


We offer different payment methods, CB, Paypal, Transfer or check.

You also have the possibility of paying for your order in several installments, in particular by check by sending us all the checks with the dates of collection.

The last check must have been cashed before sending the order.